Game hunting


  • Price for hunting licence:
    1 day 1,- €
    5 days 2,- €
    30 days 3,- €
    6 months 4,- €
    1 year 6,- €
  • Price for insurance:
    1 day 20,- €
    5 days 25,- €
    30 days 35,- €
    6 months 45,- €
    1 year 60,- €
  • During the stay will be for all time for hunting guest a guide (translator) available.
  • Service charge 26,– EUR is counted to every guest for every ufinished day of his stay, except special offers, where is this charge already counted in. If the hunting guest wants to hunt more, in the day of his arrival or in the morning of his leaving, he will pay charge only of 13,– EUR.
  • The fee for guide is payable by every cull, wounding, and a fire shot.
  • The fee for taxidermy is a payment for boiling and bleaching out the hunting trophy. Trophy will be delivered after the account for the stay and that latest till 24 hours.
  • For cull, wounding or fire shot on game which is protected species is counted 100 % surcharge to the price.
  • Appraisal of the trophy will be based on the international CIC charts.
  • Is possible to ask for blare of hunting signal for free by every succesfull action, that was in the spirit of hunting tratidions.
  • Annulment fees: Individuals can annul the hunt and stay 7 days before, groups till 40 days for the hunt beginning. After this prenominat days is charged the annulment fees according to the valid price list.
  • All payments for hunt also cull and to this related acts must be paid the last day of stay in the hunting manor-house Kladska to the head of huntsmen only in cash.
  • To all this payments for cull and hunting service is counted 20 % VAT.
  • Accomodation and food: The hunting guests can be put up and board with at in hunting manor-house, hunting hut and board with in the restaurant right in the chase.
  • Game with skin for 1 kg:
    Mouflon, Wild boars 3,- €
    Red deer, Sika deer, Fallow deer 4,- €
    Roe buck 5,- €
  • If it will be wished by the guest, can be other services rendered after negotiation with the management.